Keep Your Trees Tidy

Find out about our tree trimming services in and near St. Louis, MO

Do your trees look overgrown and messy? You can turn to Tios Tree Service for tree trimming services. We draw from more than 25 years of experiences to give trees some of the neatest trims in the St. Louis, MO area. Our company also prunes bushes, hedges and trees on residential and commercial properties. Reach out to our crew now to discuss what your trees need to look their best.

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Discover the different types of tree pruning services

You can prune your trees to frame a view, remove diseased tree limbs or provide clearance. We offer a full range of tree pruning services, including:

  • Vista pruning services, for improving your view
  • Crown cleaning services, for removing dying branches
  • Crown raising services, for making room beneath trees
  • Crown thinning services, for increasing airflow through branches
  • Developmental pruning services, for shaping growing trees

For a free estimate on any of our tree pruning services, call 314-448-2724 now. You can also email us.