See How Easily You Can Get Rid of a Tree Stump

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A tree stump is an eyesore. Plus, it attracts pests and it can spread tree diseases to the trees around it. Luckily, Tios Tree Service can remove tree stumps from your property. We offer stump grinding and stump removal services everywhere within 50 miles of St. Louis, MO. Our well-equipped company can take care of any stump, no matter how large it is or how deep its roots are.

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What's the difference between stump grinding and removal?

When you get stump grinding services, we'll grind down the part of the stump that stands above the ground. If you get stump removal services instead, we'll remove the part of the stump that's below ground level, too - including the roots.

Either way, we'll cover the remaining area with soil. You can sow grass seeds or roll sod over the area to cover it. Soon, your property will look like the stump was never there. Hire our crew today to take the eyesore away from your house or business.